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Your Questions, Answered

Do I have to use the shop my insurance recommends?

You have the right to choose the auto collision repair facility of your choice, even if your insurance company says you must take it to their preferred shop. Call Diamond Collision at 317-272-6820 for more information.

Should my insurance company be notified before collision repairs begin?

Yes. If you choose to repair your vehicle through an insurance claim, the insurance company should be notified before repairs begin. We can help you file your claim.

Do I need to contact more than one auto body repair facility for an estimate?

No. Generally, one estimate from the auto body repair facility of your choice is required.

Do I need an estimate from the auto body repair facility if the insurance company has already written an estimate?

No, Diamond Collision just needs a copy of the insurance estimate to schedule your vehicle in for repairs.

Am I responsible for the cost of auto body repairs?

Yes, as the vehicle owner you are responsible to the auto body repair facility for the payment of the repairs. However, using car insurance to pay for the repairs is like using health insurance to pay for a doctor’s visit. You are responsible for the deductible (co-pay) and the insurance normally pays the balance.

What if Diamond Collision’s estimate is different than the insurance company’s estimate?

Diamond Collision will use the insurance company’s estimate as a starting point. Then after the damaged parts have been removed, Diamond Collision will contact the insurance company for any additional items needed for the repair on your behalf.

Is the auto body repair facility responsible for the repairs performed on my car?

Diamond Collision warranties the workmanship of their repairs. Paint and parts are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

I damaged someone else’s vehicle and turned it into my insurance to pay. Do I have to pay a deductible on the other person’s repairs?

No, there is no deductible on the repairs to the other person’s vehicle. You only pay a deductible for the repairs to your vehicle.

Can my insurance company require me to use non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM) replacement crash parts for the repair of my vehicle?

Yes, the insurance company may choose to require the use of non-OEM replacement parts. However, if your vehicle falls within the Indiana Parts Code IC 27-4-1.5 you may have the right to choose what type of parts are used on your vehicle.

The other person’s insurance is covering my repairs. Do I get to choose what parts they use?

Not usually, the other person’s insurance company has the right to choose what type of parts (factory new parts, factory used parts, new aftermarket parts, or reconditioned factory used parts) will be used for repairs.

What can I do if I want factory new parts?

You have the option of paying the difference between the insurance approved part and the factory new parts.

Do I have enough rental car coverage on your policy?

Considering the rise in rental costs, it’s important to note that your current $25/day rental coverage might not be sufficient to cover the expenses of renting even a small vehicle. It would be advisable to review your auto policy with your insurance agent to ensure that you have adequate coverage for rental expenses.

The other person’s insurance is covering my repairs, am I able to get a rental car?

Yes, you are entitled to a rental vehicle. However, you may or may not be entitled to the same type or size of vehicle. Let the friendly staff at Diamond Collision help you with your rental arrangements.

Does my insurance cover a rental car?

If you have rental coverage on your insurance policy, you will be entitled to a rental vehicle. The type or size covered will be determined by your policy coverage. If you do not have rental coverage on your insurance policy, let the staff at Diamond Collision help you with your rental arrangements. In most cases, we can negotiate a price that is lower than the vacation rental rate.

If the insurance company is paying for the rental, why do they want my credit card number?

Typically, the rental company will ask for a current driver’s license and a credit card. The credit card is needed for a security deposit in case the vehicle comes back damaged or is not returned with the required amount of fuel.

I have full coverage on my car that means I have rental coverage right?

Regrettably, most insurance companies do not include rental coverage as part of their full coverage policies. Usually, rental coverage is offered as an additional rider that you can add to your policy. It is advisable to reach out to your insurance agent to verify whether rental coverage is included in all of your vehicle policies. It’s possible that you have rental coverage for one vehicle but not for any other vehicles listed on your policy.

The rental company asked if I would like additional insurance on the rental car. Will my insurance company cover that?

If the insurance company is paying for the rental, they typically will not pay for any insurance on the rental car. You may want to check with your insurance agent to see if your auto insurance policy covers any damages that might happen to the rental vehicle. Neither the insurance company nor the rental company will pay for any fuel charges or traffic tickets while you have the rental.

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